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Fernando Cordella


Passacaille is an audiovisual music video directed by composer Caio Amon in 2012, featuring cravist Fernando Cordella's interpretation of Georg Friedrich Händel's "Passacaille" from Suite No. 7 in G minor, HWV 432. The video was shot at the Atrium of Santander Cultural in Porto Alegre. The music is part of the album "Cravos, de Frescobaldi a Mozart," released by StudioClio in 2011. 

The video was a finalist in the Audience Awards category of the Music on Film Video Contest AudPop 2015. The direction of the music video is characterized by the subtlety and beauty of the images and camera movements, which closely follow the precise and emotive performance of the cravist.

concept and direction: CAIO AMON

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