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Prélude Romantique

Marc Bordeau


Inspired by the idea that imagining colours and textures can enrich and deepen a musical interpretation, Prélude Romantique is a music video based on the homonymous piano piece by Québec composer André Mathieu. It explores the superposition of analog film textures, piano playing and images of a road trip in the Eastern Townships, a bucolic region of Québec. The project is a North-South collaboration between Canadian pianist Marc Bourdeau, Brazilian filmmaker Caio Amon, and Guatemalan-Canadian cinematographer Yann-Manuel Hernandez.

Visit the project website Montréal-Musica here

concept and direction: Caio Amon
camera: Yann-Manuel Hernandez
camera assistant: Laetitia Demessence
editing, additional footage, color: Caio Amon
eletricist: Amine Sahed
crew: Salle Pauline-Julien (QC) - Local 56 IATSE

piano: Marc Bourdeau
sound and mix: Anne-Marie Sylvestre, Haruka Nagata

support from: Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec (CALQ), FACTOR

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